Why use us?

Quite simply, Trinity Scott has access to more researchers than anybody else, so we have a much greater chance of finding the right one for you. We are happy to introduce you to suitable researchers who we are currently dealing with, or to proactively find you the right one through our extensive network. We work on a global basis and have helped clients in the USA, Europe and South East Asia

Unlike a search-to-search or a recruitment-to-recruitment firm, our business is purely about offering careers advice to executive search researchers, helping them with what’s best for them. Consequently, we become a trusted careers advisory partner, offering careers advice and employment options to more researchers than any other company in the world.

Whether you know exactly the type of researcher you are looking for right now, or whether you would like us to advise you, we would be delighted to help.


Salary and Bonus Surveys

What’s the smartest way to compensate your researchers? Trinity Scott can advise you on market-rate base salaries as well as structuring incentivising bonus structures that don’t break the bank.

Particularly since the market upturn, we have noticed dramatic discrepancies in pay from one search firm to another, up to 40% in some cases, with those poorer paying companies wondering why they can’t attract anybody!


Creating a More Profitable Research Function

With the front-end revenue-generating activities of your consultants receiving more visibility, it’s easy to forget how much a dramatically improved research function can add to the bottom line. By strengthening your research team with more experienced and relevant talent, and potentially employing a Head of Research, you could easily improve your assignment success ratios by over 15%. This in turn will add significantly to your profitability, reputation and value.

Also, if you are ever considering an exit route, please do bear in mind that a robust research function with strategically embedded processes can substantially add to the company’s value.

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